I had the opportunity to attend IPENs 2nd Annual World Positive Education Accelerator in Fort Worth, Texas. WPEA collaborated with David Cooperrider and Champlain College to put on an Appreciative Inquiry Summit, a four-day intensive to reimagine what the education system looked like by 2051. Why are we putting such a huge emphasis on it NOW?

Today, school systems are facing issues with bullying, suicide, depression, anxiety, trauma, drop-out rates, and many other things. Positive Education allows the student to not only cultivate their intellectual minds, but they also learn to develop a broad set of character strengths, virtues, and competencies that form together to support their well-being. With our youth spending nearly 30 hours a week in school, it’s time to blend academic learning with character and well-being. We need to prepare students with life-skills such as grit, optimism, resilience, growth mindset, engagement and mindfulness among others.

**World Government Summit on the State of Positive Education

There is a need for school systems around the world to adopt a new system, one that allows our children to thrive. During this intensive, we developed 7 things that need to be adopted and implemented in order to thrive.

1) Establish urgency with data
2) Rally and inform stakeholders involved
3) Mobilize early adopters
4) Establish direction and purpose
5) Build Trainings around what you want to see, hear and feel
6) Monitor, improve and evaluate
7) Build sustainability and thrivability

It’s time to Power UP Positive Education around the world! People around the world are discovering the importance of building a positive culture inside the classroom. Instilling character strengths, such as kindness, compassion and perseverance are just as important to our children as the basics of learning math and reading. Today, we need to raise our children to grow up in a world that celebrates character strengths and overall wellbeing.

This new thriving system is called WE CAN:

Well Being + Character + Academic = Nurturing System

Together, WE CAN change the education system one school at a time!!